Sundown Audio SA-10d4

Sundown Audio SA-10 – 750w RMS

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The Sundown SA series has been our most popular product line since the introduction of the SA-12 in 2009. It was the result of over a year of testing and prototyping until all of our goals and expectations were blown away. The SA series has continually evolved over the years thanks to extensive testing and feedback from our SPL competition Team and our customers but still stays true to its legendary design heritage. It has never failed to prove itself year-in and year-out in every application ranging from daily musical builds to all-out SPL competition vehicles.

When designing the SA series we started out with an FEA optimized motor & coil design capable of 19mm of one-way Klippel verified excursion and just over 33mm of x-mech. This motor & coil setup was then mated up to an extremely robust double-layer Nomex spider with fully tied-on “XL” tinsel leads (84-Strands of Conductor), an SPL competition grade paper cone, and a strong foam surround. The motor also features a large magnet ID shorting ring (faraday ring) to reduce distortion causes by inductance & inductance variation over stroke.

We realized that this still was not enough to meet our goal of delivering the best driver on market in this price range to our customers. To that end we designed a highly optimized voice coil cooling system that has since found its way into almost every other subwoofer we make to this day. This system allows our 2.5″ coil to match and exceed the thermal performance of many competing 3″ coil drivers on the market without requiring the usage of a much heavier voice coil than required for the design. The result is that the SA features the ideal mix of mass & stiffness to give you the best performance in nearly every type of enclosure.All of this hard work and engineering has led to the incredible reputation now enjoyed by the SA series worldwide. We are very proud of what these woofers are capable of and we believe that they are one of the best woofers on the market today hands down for the money.

Features & Technology:

  1. Xmax = 19mm one-way by 70% BL
  2. RMS Power = 750-watts
  3. * Vented magnetic gap
  4. * Optimized high-velocity pole vent
  5. * Innovative high-velocity vented frame spacer ring
  6. Black Aluminum 2.5” voice coil former for superior heat dissipation
  7. High Temperature copper voice coil wire
  8. Large aluminum faraday ring (Magnet ID)
  9. Spring Loaded Terminals
  10. Stitched-On “XL” Tinsel Leads to prevent fatigue and failure
  11. High strength cast aluminum frame
  12. Optimized for small ported, sealed, & band-pass enclosures

* — These features combine to create the optimized coil ventilation system.


RE (ohms) 4.29 7.08
FS (Hz) 35.4 36.6
Vas (L) 10.13 10.66
Qes 0.52 0.54
Qms 5.41 5.30
Qts 0.48 0.49
Le (mH) 3.41 4.71
BL (NA) 20.40 24.82
Mms (Grams) 230 205
Cms (uM/N) 87.8 92.4
Sens (1w/1m) 81.0 81.6

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