Rebec RA120

Rebec Classic series 4 kanals forsterker 4x120w

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Classic Series Amplifier

Rebec car audio system is designed for perfect sound reproduction. The new generation of classic series amplifiers RA85, RA100, RA120 4-channel power amplifier

optimization the electric circuit design, compared with the original series power amplifier, greater improvement in power and sound quality.

The new generation of classic series amplifiers use field effect electric circuits design. The power amplifier uses Fairchild FQP33N10 field effect tube, has high input impedance,high output, low distortion, and mostly even-wave distortion, the sound density is great and the low frequency dive is deeper, strong sense of music. there have excellent performance in sound field, the sense of multi-level , resolution, and positioning. The PCB board adopts FR4, 94V0, KB double fiberglass board. Copper foil thickness up to 2oz is twice the thickness of ordinary substrate copper foil, Reduce the loss of signal in transmission.

Operating mode:    Class AB

Input sensitivity:        0.13-4.5V

Power supply:           10-16V

Frequency range:    10Hz-35KHz

Output power :         120W×4ch

Bridged output power:    420W

Signal to noise ratio:         >98dB

Internal fuse:                     25Ax3

Dimensions:            369×220×52(mm)

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