Goldhorn DSPA 1012 Plus

12 Channel DSP / 8 x 80w + 2 x 150w Amplifier

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Explore the Goldhorn DSPA 1012 PLUS

Elevate your luxury automobile's audio experience with the Goldhorn DSPA 1012 PLUS, a high-end DSP amplifier engineered to transform your vehicle's sound system into a realm of sonic perfection. This device is not just an amplifier; it's an invitation to an immersive auditory journey, where every note and melody is enhanced to create a rich, enveloping soundscape.

Peak Audio Performance

Like its renowned counterpart, the DSPA 1216 PLUS, the DSPA 1012 PLUS combines raw power with meticulous precision. It's designed to elevate your car audio experience with unparalleled quality:

  • 10-channel power outputs: Delivers a total of 940W, making this amplifier a formidable force in car audio.
  • 12-channel RCA outputs
  • Superior Power: Each channel can output up to 80 watts, ensuring a rich and detailed sound experience.
  • Extensive Connectivity: Equipped with 12 high-level inputs and 2 AUX inputs, plus 10 high-level and 12 RCA outputs for versatile connection options.

Immersive Sound Experience

The DSPA 1012 PLUS excels in creating an expansive sound environment, offering an immersive listening experience that envelops you in every detail of the music:

  • Immersive Sound: Transforms your car into an acoustic haven, where every journey is accompanied by unparalleled sound quality.
  • Elevated Listening: Every seat in your vehicle becomes the best seat, offering a consistent and engaging audio experience for all passengers.

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