Goldhorn DSPA 810 Pro

10 Channel DSP / 8 x 65w Amplifer

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 Embark on an auditory odyssey like never before with the Goldhorn DSPA 810 PRO, a masterful fusion of technology and artistry that redefines the boundaries of in-car audio. This remarkable device seamlessly integrates a 31-band EQ professional DSP with a precision-engineered Class AB amplifier, offering a symphony of sound that elevates your driving experience to extraordinary heights.

At the core of the DSPA 810 PRO lies a Class AB amplifier, enhanced by advanced voltage build-up technology, capable of generating a commanding 65 watts per channel. This amplifier is not just a powerhouse; it's a conductor that brings every musical note to life with unparalleled clarity, precision, and depth, transforming your car into a concert hall on wheels.

The DSPA 810 PRO features a versatile configuration of 8-channel high-level outputs and ten channel RCA outputs, providing the tools to craft a 3-way active crossover system that sets the standard for audio customization. Whether you're an experienced audiophile seeking the ultimate sonic experience or a novice venturing into 3-way active crossovers, the DSPA 810 PRO is your ideal companion on this musical journey.

But it's more than just an audio device; it's a gateway to unlock your car's true sonic potential. The DSPA 810 PRO embodies the belief that audio excellence should be accessible to all. It's a testament to the idea that you can achieve the dream of a 3-way active crossover upgrade without breaking the bank.

Step into a world where sound is an art form, where every drive becomes a mesmerizing performance, and where your car becomes the stage for an unforgettable auditory masterpiece. With the Goldhorn DSPA 810 PRO, your car becomes an instrument of sonic perfection, and you become the conductor of your musical destiny, creating an audio experience that transcends the ordinary.


  • 8 x 65W/4Ω Max. integrated Class AB amplifier
  • Voltage build-up technology
  • 10 x RCA Outputs 8 x High Level Outputs
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Audio Codec: apt-X HD/aptX /AAC/SBC
  • EPS(Error Protection System)
  DSPA 810 Pro Technical Specs
DSP Chip ADAU1450
DAC Chip PCM1690+PCM1754
ADC Chip 2 x PCM1840
Opamp MC33078
Capacitors High Temperature for High Reliability to 105°C electrolytics and WIMA film Caps
PC Connection USB B
Processing Functions Crossover Frequency: 20Hz ~ 20kHz @ 1dB steps / Master Gain: 0 ~ 60dB / Channel gains: -20dB ~ +5dB Polarity: Phase Reversal 0 or 180 / EQ filters Q 0.5 ~ 15 @ 0.1 steps / Input Mixer Three Linking Functions: Volume Linking- Absolute or Relative EQ Linking - Relative or Absolute Crossover Linking - With EQ link on, Freq Link button will link crossovers
Output EQ EQ bands: All Channels 31 @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass
Crossover Butterworth & Bessel: 6,12,18,24,30,36,42,48dB / Linkwitz: 12, 24, 36dB
Delay 0 ~ 17ms / 0.02ms Steps
Inputs 8 x Hi / 2 x RCA /1 x Opt / BT
XO Phase Rotation Variable Phase shift at HP and LP filters from 0° ~ 359°
Input EQ EQ bands: All Channels 5 bands @ ± 15dB in 0.1dB Steps Filter Functions: Peak / High Shelf / Low Shelf / 1st order All Pass/ 2nd Order All Pass Input Delay: 0 ~ 10ms in 0.02 Steps
Frequency Resp: 20Hz ~ 40kHz
Operating Voltage 10V ~ 16V
Input Sens (V) RCA 3V Max
Input Sens (V) Hi 12V
RCA Out Voltage 10 x 6V
RCA Out Specs THD+Noise < 0.003 S/N ⧁108
Amp Outputs | THD+Noise <0.03 S/N >100dB 65W x 8 Class AB
Dimensions (mm) 217 x 170 x 43
Start-Stop ready Yes
EPS Error Protection System Yes
Finish Yes
Auto Turn On via DC Offset or Signal Sensing Black anodized Aluminum
Remote Turn on Output Yes
Clipping LED’s Yes
Built in Bluetooth Yes
THD+Noise Amplifier 0.03%
S/N ratio Amplifier >100dB
THD+Noise RCA out <0.002%
S/N ratio RCA out 105dB
Fuse Rating 20A
Input impedance: 6 Ohms
Controller Optional
Input Mixer Yes
Presets 8
Software Interface 64 bit Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10/11
Navigation Mode Yes
Power off Delay Yes Variable
Noise Gate (analog Input) Yes
Automatic Switching Config. Yes
Input EQ 5 Bands / Chan
Input All Pass Filters 1st and 2nd Order
Input Delay 0 ~ 10ms / Chan
Variable Phase 0~360 at crossover filters Yes
Output EQ 31 All Channels
Hi-Shelf, Low-Shelf Yes
Output All Pass filters 31 per channel
Output Delay 0 ~ 17ms @ .02ms steps

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