Rebec Legend series ES812S

Rebec High End Dsp 8-12 BT

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Legend ES812S are new audio signal processor developed by Rebec.  It is HIFI car audio equipment that can use a computer to adjust the audio signal through its powerful decoding chip. Has gain, slope, time alignment, equalizer (EQ). the audio processor has the advantages of balanced sound and accurate positioning. adjusted by the audio processor. can Filling the affect sounducture of car inetrior space, realize the regeneration of music.


Legend ES812 Bluetooth

Input signal:                  8 RCA or high level

High level frequency: 4 channels input support per channel

Inputs: 1 x Optical or 1 x Coax SPDIF (24bit - 192 kHz)

Input sensitivity:           RCA<3.5V;high level<22V

Outputs:                        12 x RCA / Cinch

Output voltage:          max. 6 Volts

Signal to noise ratio:   >115dB

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz;±0.2dB

Equalizer:            Independent 31-band equalizer per channel

Equalizer control mode:  Independent adjustment per

channel / absolute linkage adjustment / relative linkage adjustment

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